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Troubleshooting common Visibility rule Issues

Administrator is not able to attach any visibility rules to the portal page
Note: This issue was reported on PZN; however it’s believed to exist in version 6.0 as well.
The log shows the following error:

0000005d ActionManager W internalExecuteAction id = E::fL75640004 is invalid.
0000005d WPActionPhase W processPortlets EJPEI0169E:
Cannot execute the received action due to a
security violation. The assigned action ID E::fL75640004 is invalid

Install PK82601. (Contact IBM Support to obtain this ifix )

Visibility Rules are not called / invoked by Portal Engine

Collect a trace with tracestring*=all. If there are no entries in the trace for classes, the pzn rules are not being invoked by the portal engine.

Find the resources.xml that contains Possible locations for the file:

Check if this config property is set:
You can remove this property completely from the file since the default value is true.
The property content.topology.dynamic controls if the Portal dynamic content model is enabled or not. The dynamic content model is the plug point for visibility rules. If it is disabled the rules will not be executed.

Does Visibility rules support Anonymous users?

No. WebSphere portal does not allow dynamic models for anonymous users for different reasons. The most important reasons are cacheability and memory consumption. Please refer to technote for additional information –
(Visibility Rules are not applicable to Portal Anonymous Users)

Attributes set in the session from one portlet are not available for visibility rules on another portlet ?

Attributes that are set in the session is available to visibility rule if it is in the same portlet or the scope is set to application.

Visibility rules are not getting re-executed or somehow retaining the previous state for that session even if we refresh the page many times.

Install PK67945 (Visibility rule cache does not always invalidate when cleared. ). Contact IBM Support to obtain this ifix.

The visibility rules and personalization engine gets fired only once at the time of login. It should be fired every time the user goes to the page on which they have applied visibility rules.

Disable visibility rule caching by setting the following property to false in and restart the server.


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