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Responsive Web Design in your Enterprise – Write once, adapt everywhere

Your customers can use any platform, medium or a device to connect with you. They expect that you will know who they are, their preferences and respond to them immediately. That’s why your organization needs to establish a responsive web experience that gives a consistent, contextualized, and content-centric customer experience.

Is your organization ready to face this challenge?

Join us to learn more on this with key design factors including followings:

  • How to design great looking websites for different size screens (desktops, tablets and smartphones)
  • Best adapting to the user’s needs and device capabilities
  • Best practices and optimizing techniques to reduce bandwidth on a resource call
  • How to detect and respond gestures
  • Learn how to integrate, real time digital marketing strategy

Responsive Web Design in your Enterprise

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In case if you missed it out, we will be uploading the recording of the webinar soon- Stay Connected


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